Experimental Branch Spam

Ok so tried to play on Experimental branch but the SPAM is getting out of hand.

I am sure there is some code to stop this like not being able to post 2-3 similar messages in a 60 second time period.
so annoying.

I know they need to work on the basics but this is a real put off for people i am sure, i am not new to rust i have followed it diligently since january, I know they have a lot on, but i just wanted a rant as well i think. LOL


a mute function would be a good alternative, in order to ignore any chat from a particularly stupid person/people:) unfortunately there seem to be plenty of these idiots who have gotten bored on experimental and decided “this” is what they will do to entertain themselves…

yes please Iron PI has been at it all morning for at least 3 hrs

I have just checked the server and from what I saw on the chat and how many people were complaining, I can attest to this.

I think the best solution for now is to implement a chat “cooldown” based on how many characters you have submitted to global chat.
0.1 second cooldown for each character. So this phrase “IronPi is a spamming knob and deserves to be punished” would trigger a very reasonable 5.4 seconds cooldown from the chat. This restriction can be client-based and would not take a toll on server processing power / resources.

It wouldn’t work if it was client based - it would just be hacked.

actually a pretty good idea, but people could still spam smaller phrases such as “f**k you” without suffering from any noticable delays.

It has been unbearable. But Proves a point.

Rust needs to stop thinking about just adding things and putting more stability into the game. FacePunch have done an excellent job on both Garrys Mod and Rust. There is a basic solution that will stop the spam.

  1. Create a buffer where a message will only be sent once every 500-1000ms. This will slow down the wall of text by a lot. Limit the buffer to one message.

  2. Add more console commands, such as ‘chat.mute.player(“Iron Pi”)’ and 'voice.mute.player(“Iron Pi”)

Then change the math to a base 3 seconds cooldown plus 0.05 seconds per character. Would cause around 5 seconds on the previous example as well, but a neat ~3second delay for very short messages.

Of course sometimes you genuinely want to chat, so 3-5 seconds is only to prevent ctrl+v spam of big strings

All it proves is that at best some people are willing to annoy others out of some misguided sense of activism. These sorts of changes just delay the development process and can be added later, I doubt that the dev team is unaware that this is possible, they’d just rather work on important things rather than trying to battle every silly way someone comes up with to troll people.

I have no idea how the chat is run, but if it’s an IRC channel an eggdrop would sort it.

To prove simplicity:

  1. Make a Macro to simply Ctrl + V, Enter, Loop
  2. Go into console and type chat.say “{Your message}”
  3. Start your Macro and walk away

Can we even report this guy for something? Is Rust planning on adding chat ban or voice ban (like in Dota 2) in the future?

*Edit: That sudden realization the above poster is the one spamming in my picture


Jesus, hope it doesn’t slow down the server or players PC’s

Glad it is experimental. Lots of testing to do :wink:

smug little fucker aren’t ya…shoo now, people are trying to play;)

You are an idiot.

How do we know that csfulton isn’t just a developer alias… and he’s *really *testing?


You may never know. But at the moment, the testing will continue on and off.

We know, because a developer wouldn’t be such a colossal shit.

I haven’t been on the experimental in a few days, what else is he spamming besides, “report me/ban me?”

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oh and also, you must not have seen Garry’s awesome comments on here before he started doing weekly devblogs.

Sure, it is annoying as the bears, but it can also show intuitive response to mute.