Experimental Branch Updates

I have been following the Experimental branch for a while now. I see several updates per day, and I try and read the change log every day when I get home from work. However, when I login to the game everything looks exactly the way it has for the past two weeks. I am curious if anyone else has noticed this. Have they just been updating a different scene? Can I see the scene?

If you’ve read the updates you’d know these are mostly internal, structural code updates. Even if a weapon’s animations, model and code has been completed and added, until the crafting recipes and resources needed to have them come to be they’re not going to be accessible.

I’d assume they want the skeleton in place before fleshing the rest out. I mean, they’re still working on basic animations.

I know there have been several back-end updates, but I say commits that state they are fixing the jogging animations, but when I get in the game the jogging animation is still not working correctly. I was also under the impression they had implemented grass, but I don’t see any.

I’m not upset, just curious.

They mentioned something about the, “artist branch,” on their trello page, so it’s very possible that they have a private dev branch that they’re testing these things on before they’re ready for it to be play tested by more people.

“These are only on the art test branch atm, as I’m still working on detail layer stuff for each one of them.”

-Petur, discussing the updated textures on their Art Trello.

In programmer speak, “committed” just means saved to repository on a “branch”. That may not be the master branch, and it may not even be pulled down on the test server. There could be multiple branches of code, relating to fixes or updates to various things, and when they are all ready they might get merged into the master branch. Then at an appropriate date they might pull all of them down to a server to update it’s codebase, that would be a patch.