Experimental Branch updates

Well today seem like they are just on fire been 10+ updates,
looks like they are preparing for a big release,


Looks like Facepunch team are coming up to test point on some of their concepts,
It looks like it gonna be amazing

It definitely does seem that Garry wants to write a hell of a devblog tomorrow.

without a doubt, i hope it will be good

I jumped on a few days ago. The building infrastructure is there now. Finally base code seems done.

I’m betting 1-2 months before the branch is playable in some small way.

It’s the same again today, they seem to be building up to something,

It’s been the same for 12 weeks.

LOL been following more since twitter. probably look like more now its up on twitter, was watching change.log but not being a code person the early stage was mostly a garbled foreign language.

To me it’s all the good stuff going in now :slight_smile:

so new GUI not sure about the big red bar tho.

and new sleep screen when you join the server

You could have pointed the camera at his head (well the other head), gonna miss this guy when they change models, spent nearly 700 hours bumping into the same bloke.

I believe the new UI is HTML based, so you will be able to make your own CSS for it.

Yea looks like the team is busting ass. I’ve updated a few times just to check out the client changes. Haven’t seen any servers yet today. I did see the new options menu’s, startup screen, etc. I’m assuming there is still a lot going on with the updates. No matter what I’m plenty please to see how far things have come in such a short time. Keep up the good work Garry. Looking forward to another blog :slight_smile:

you can get on the server if you have it in your history :slight_smile:

or direct via the I.P F1 for console then type client.connect

oh that defo works as i am on there now using the same command.
don’t think anyone knows this there is only me on the server,

Can’t seem to find servers on experimental

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Can’t click on quit either

Post above you + ALT F4

The experimental server is only up sometimes, and alt+F4.

so will it be ready this summer?

edit: so will it be ready this year?

The devblog is tomorrow, not today? Where’d you get this info?

Exoyo posted that yesterday (22 hrs ago)

He posted that 22 hours ago, i.e. yesterday.