Experimental Branch Videos

Stolen from garry’s twitter


Enjoy :dance:

Saw them as well. Love the shadows.




New textures and shadows and everything look so so good, Garry. Great job guys!
This is really starting to morph into a AAA game, especially if we keep seeing changes of this caliber.

That censorship isn’t keeping up with the movement.

Haha yeah it’s attached to the wrong bone®

Can’t wait for the update :wink:

But humans don’t have bones in there penises.

[sp]I’m aware what bone he’s talking about it’s a joke post[/sp]

I love the caveman walk! I’m going to adopt it myself.

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Also, is that a tampon string hanging from the guy in the 2nd video?

So that was YOU Garry, almost ruining the possibility to make the jump over to the other island from my bridge :frowning:

Been on the server can’t wait till we can play

Like how we can look in on the dev server and see the progress of the New rust

There’s a party going on in here :slight_smile:

Have the Penis Brothers finally taken over?!

I imagine this is the new netcodes first time under pressure, I’m curious of the results and eta to patch now.

Thats what i think as the server list was only showing 9 player, one player was Garry. So guess he was running stress test.

must admit i started to get a bit of screen stutter just after i took that pic.

Garry and co, are you all in the Unity 5 beta (if you’re even allowed tell)? Wondering if this branch does or will use some of the new features (specifically PBR).

God damnit Garry that thing is beautifull.

this looks amazing garry! now i feel bad for killing you back in june :v:

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Health and Blood seems to be two different bars now? or is that one only for showing that you are bleeding? :pwn:

Really liking the 3D avatar, can’t wait to see this and the UI work being done on trello come together, it’s gonna look Awesome.

Fell through the floor on Experimental branch, and i am just floating in empty space. everytime i login.

So much going on in the experimental branch. I love it! Sadly though, Dxtory no longer seems to work with it for capturing.