Experimental Changes

I made a change this weekend to make the changes.html more accessible. I removed it.

Commits are now live tweeted to twitter


Thank you garry!

thx for the info , but are you guys by any chance fixing the problem people are having with the menu screen for the experimental build ?

…well that is going to make http://rustguide.info/misc/notes/experimental/ a bitch to update.

I like more reading the changes.html instead twiter. It’s more “clean”, maybe you can back the changes.html and continue with the tweets.


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too stoked for experimental to be more playable

Experimental Release Notes have returned to Rust Guide!

I apologize for the delay–aside from my day job and taking care of my family I had to learn the Twitter REST API, OAuth, and the twitteroath PHP Library.

So found this on trello

does this mean that Facepunch/Garry have changed their minds about putting both the Legacy (old rust) and experimental (new rust) together so we can switch between the two easier, Probably via the main menu.

original post Where Garry asked about this is here


I really hope they have, it will help inform the miriad of rust player of the current progress of the development of rust, Facepunch name on steam is taking a beating on the forums, lots of people who can’t be arsed looking up the info flaming about no updates, i know it not really important but i am sure Garry does not want the public face of facepunch tarnished by benighted.

Also look like he is porting rust legacy from unity 4 to 4.5 does this mean that rust legacy will run better or change in anyway ?

I hope not. You cant give into terrorists. He does this, even to only add EAC, they will be wanting more.

He made some small changes/fixes today, its on the twitter acct





I think he was hoping it would be quick.

Not to mention those changes are serverside only. I think if he launched a small update on the legacy build now even if its a 1kb update people would go ultra crazy because their expectation are so high now that it will be quite hard for facepunch. Better that they focus on the experimental branch and "stay away ! " from the legacy build for now haha.

I don’t know what’s going on with “joint exp build” or specifically what that means, so I won’t try and guess, but I’m sure garry knows what he’s doing.

However, in the case of moving from 4 to 4.5, I can think of a few possible reasons. 4.5 contains features that weren’t possible in older versions of Unity; don’t ask me what they are, I don’t know off the top of my head, but I know at least a few times, garry or one of the FP devs has made a comment somewhere (Trello, playrust blog, Twitter, random forum thread, I don’t know–that’s why I don’t have specifics) have said that X feature isn’t possible until they move to Unity 4.5.

So, there’s a good reason to move to Unity 4.5, stuff becomes possible. As for moving the legacy branch into 4.5, if they do need to issue any updates to the legacy branch, having it ready to compile in 4.5 makes it a matter of writing the patch and sending it out, not battling with Unity for god knows how many hours until Legacy compiles, and then writing the patch and hoping it compiles a second time. If, say, a hypothetical critical security flaw was discovered that exposed you to DDOS or something, that’d definitely be important for the devs to patch even if they’re supposedly not updating the legacy branch anymore.

I’d like to point out that I said hypothetical, I’m not aware of any such problems. But you never know. Maybe EAC will get added at some point.

The other big reason I can think of is, if the devs have moved to Unity 4.5, well… guess what. They probably don’t have a copy of Unity 4.0 sitting beside 4.5, and unless they’ve set aside a particular machine in the office to be the 4.0 build machine for legacy, the only option is compiling in 4.5, so they might as well.

This makes me wonder if we’re going to see a legacy patch to fix the most egregious problems, because there has definitely been a rise in dishonest server tricks. And they seem to be primarily from Russian servers. I suspect a number aren’t legit.

to be honest i thought experimental branch was unity 4.5 waiting to be ported to unity 5
and legacy rust is unity 4.0 and bringing legacy rust up to date with experimental, thus cutting down on disk space (i.e shared file) if or when they are amalgamated.

Well, I could have it slightly backwards in that they’re bringing legacy up to 4.5 so they don’t have to maintain separate build environments. I’m pretty sure Garry does want to get into Unity 5 in time. Maybe that’s where I was confused, saying 4 instead of 4.5, and 4.5 instead of 5. :v:

i was right for once lol.

just read through it echos what i thought.

But does this mean Rust Legacy will be covered by EAC ?

That would be nice, if EAC covered Legacy.

What about bandwidth? Will we be getting updates every 5 minutes?

No. The default branch will be updated once a week – to accompany the devblog. But if you subscribe to the experimental branch you will get live updates as they are committed.

Default branch will be update? default = old?