Experimental Chat Issues


I’m sorry to bother when you’re busy with work, but could you add a feature to the chat, so when you type “/something” it would just tell you you’re a retard, instead of writing it into the chat? It would really help

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Also the guy BiaxidentX17 is the one who started it all, repeating things like “write /jetpack for jetpack”, “how do i use the jetpack now i have it” and so on -.-

All people would do to get around this is add a period or a space so it doesn’t show as a command. People are probably just bored until more is added to experimental I am sure it will work itself out in the coming weeks and the team seems to be getting stuff rolling nicely :slight_smile:

Also few report-worthy people here
And I guess you’re right, but I still think it might help some people who are literally so stupid that they think they will get a jetpack in rust by writing /jetpack





The maturity is just oozing from those chats.

And there the people asking about how to disable the GRASS… They didn’t read the F* server’s name…

Because of this a MOTD is very usefull :slight_smile:

Can put the commands and some tips to people stop to ask shit and complain about the experimental

This never happened until the branches got merged :frowning: :frowning:

Alas, this is the curse of democracy, the average person is a moron.

Hello forum!
This does not concern the chat itself, but its related to experimental server.
I get to the point where I can wake up from sleep. When I hit the wake up button it goes away, but the screen is still completely black. I can walk around because I hear the walking “sound”. I can also chat but I havent gotten any help on this issue. Any ideas?