Experimental Contest Results

The judging for the Experimental contest is finally over! The three judges selected from the FacePunch community were: CowThing, Disseminate, and Robbis_1.

First off, I wanna give my thanks to all the entrants, judges, and donors. You guys made this possible.

As you may know by now there were three entries, each completely different from each other, and here’s what we had to say about each one:

Nascan Racing - ZenX2

Melon Tag - bekka2712

Russian Roulette - Levybreak

So to sum things up, here’s how our judges voted:

So there you have it. Our winning game is Melon Tag by bekka2712!

I think I can speak for the rest of the judges when I say it was fun judging these games. They all have a lot of potential. Thanks for reading!

The next contest will be starting shortly. :wink:

The gamemodes were a lot of fun, great contest!

Oh yeah, I’d like to thank CowThing and Robbis_1 for stepping in as judges on such short notice.

Good to know you liked ma crazy map ^^

I probably should have worked on mine more.
I guess the first thing I should do is learn how to use fretta.