[Experimental] Crafting menu tab names?

I was trying to talk a friend through the basics of Rust Experimental via instant message, when it became apparent that neither of us knew what to call most of the “tabs” on the Crafting menu of the Inventory screen:

Does anyone know if there has been any “official” names referenced for any of them by the developers, or if not, what do the rest of you call them?


Edit: I just thought, the “flower” one might be “bio products and fuels”, and the last one that I called “Death” contains the Bear Trap, so might be for “traps”…

secondary res
traps(and possibly poisons if this gets implemented. i has bear traps in it;))

Thanks mrknifey, do you know if these are the official / referenced names, or just what you like to call them? What does “secondary res” mean? (resources?). Cheers!

Raw Materials instead of Secondary resources would sound a bit better imo.

not official, just how i interpret the symbols. i suggested secondary res(ources) because they need to be crafted from raw resources, and have no use other than for crafting. just on the fly naming though, so up for debate lol:)

I like your names. I guess some of these, such as “secondary resources” and “traps” may become more apparent, as more items get added to the category.

I would just be interested in knowing what Garry / the Dev team calls them, as they must have their own names for these when they designed / grouped them.