Experimental Dedicated Server on azure vps

As per title i own a Microsoft azure subscription, would i be able to run a rust server on a vps?

Yes, I ran one on an Azure VPS in a 30 day trial, worked for me.

do you know where i can get a guide to install it?

Have you installed/ran a Rust Server before? I assume you have? Also my assumption is if you have a paid subscription to Azure you probably already know your way around the interface. Do you mean instructions for standing up a rust server?

Azure wise, deploy a new VPS to the Spec you want, and in the section for port forwarding/firewall (i don’t recall off top of my head what the particular section was called, but its there) and open your ports in there for server/rcon etc.

I’d get you a screen dump but I canned the service at the end of the trial.

Once that’s done install the server files and configure your command line/users.cfg/bans.cfg if any like you would any other Rust server

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