Experimental Feedback

just my usual rant about stuff i notice when i’m in the experimental build…halfway between a bug report and my blatant opinions:)

  1. i know its a placeholder, but damn that walking/sprinting sound…it sounds like i’m wearing buckets on each foot, and now it applies on any forward movement. so that’s jumping, swimming, running:)

  2. grass is stunning. no scratch that, the whole damn terrain generated looks amazing, i can’t wait to be able to play on it. and the water really makes me want to sit on the side and fish, any plans for fish as food? or for harvesting the grass itself?

  3. there seems to be a count glitch on the wood. you can collect it, but the count stays at the spawn level unless you split the pile.

  4. any plans on making a rock icon for the inventory? it still has a hatchet model in the inventory at the moment;)

  5. those low lying trees really look like they could have some fruit/nuts hanging from their branches:)

  6. no options in the options menu?

Hit F2 for graphics options.

Expect everything that is a placeholder to be replaced in time. Footsteps, icons, everything.

Do you get the sound when bunnyhopping as well? Last time I played it didn’t.

@ arkadan; yeah, same crashing sound when bunnyhopping last night:) used to be the best way to avoid it XD

@elix; yeah, thanks mate i know, its just such an annoying sound XD By options, i mean in the menu itself. can’t bind keys, or adjust mouse sensitivity, nothing… figure its all in the works though:)