[Experimental] Game won't launch

Looks like the 09/05/2014 update broke something.
I’m no longer able to launch the experimental branch…

I am suddenly getting this Rust Launcher Error: LoadingError - OpenEvent Failed
From looking around, it appears to be an issue with EasyAntiCheat.
Any suggestions? I’ve been able to run the Experimental branch without problems until this last update.

Only thing I’m wondering is, another Unity game of mine is now using EasyAntiCheat (as of yesterday).
Would these two games conflict at all with versions? As in, if the other game is perhaps using a newer version of EAC?

EDIT: Confirmed that is what caused my issue, easy anti cheat from another game seems to cause the Rust version to fail to load.

EDIT 2: Resolved this issue by reinstalling Easy Anti Cheat manually. Thread can be closed.