[Experimental] How to use the Furnace?

Hello, I built my Furnace in Rust Experimental, but couldn’t figure out how to use it to turn Metal Ore into Fragments?

I can click “e” to open the furnace inventory, add and remove Metal Ore, but nothing happens… do I need to light it or turn it on or something?

I have heard people saying that metal fragments don’t stack yet, and you need to remove them one at a time, but I can’t even figure out how to create them?

Please help!

recent updates have sorted the frag stacking. you need to put wood into the furnace too. it burns fast, so put in heaps. then e will bring up “ignite” like for a fire, do that.

You need to add wood & metal ore to the furnace then exit furnace and try E button again you should get a menu to interact with it and light furnace.

you can’t remove frags while the furnace is lit,

the stacking bug has been fixed.

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Thanks mrknifey and kulan, very helpful! Appreciated…