Experimental Interface Lag

Has anyone else noticed the subtle interface lag on the experimental branch? Here is youtube clip: http://youtu.be/EVpREFJcsYI. You can see it when I try to combine stacks of wood. I dont think my rig can be to blame, considering the quad core processor and GTX 660 TI.

Press F2 and reduce your settings, but yes even I’ve noticed the lag when running at 60fps. Supposedly the HTML ui runs on its own thread.

I had considered messing with the settings but I get absolutely no stutter anywhere else. I am only seeing interaction latency when I have the inventory open; everything else is buttery smooth.

Messing with the settings should not change the UI. Garry mentioned somewhere ( i think on a dev blog ) that the HTML UI use its own thread. Problably a small bug that poped up recently. Might want to post this on bugs section so garry and his team can squash it.