[Experimental] Is it possible to make weapons/some items visible all the time on character model?

Im sure this has been discussed many times but I’ve onliy been active again on the forums for about a week and couldn’t find anything recent (for experimental version) here or on the trello page. so…

My question/request is if it’s possible to in the future implement something so you can se if someone, lets call him naked guy with rock, actually has a gun, rifle, hatchet, etc. ?
I ask also because I don’t know if this is possible in Unity5 because I’m not familiar with it… for all I know it might not be.
And if it is possible, does anyone know if there are plans to implement it?

It is possible and was possible with Unity 4. I am guessing some of the player model rework is being done to facilitate something like this. I hope so, at least, this would open up a lot more interaction possibilities besides ‘run by’ or ‘kos’, the latter of which seems to be the most prevalent by far.

how do you know that you could do it in unity 4 hm?

Because other games that are built on Unity 4 have it, and the fact that you could see what clothes people were wearing means it is possible. Whether it is/was feasible or not has/had more to do with Facepunch’s implementation on top of the engine rather than the engine itself.