Experimental: Launch error

I’ve been screwing around/testing on the experimental build for a couple of months now. Since one of the last couple of updates, all I get is this:

I figured, what the hell, it’s experimental, and there’s a good chance for things to be broken. Problem for me is, the only file on my entire drive named ‘opengl32.dll’ is under System32 - not the game directory.

No solution that I’ve been able to come up with has fixed my problem. None of the code packs do a damn bit of good, nor does entirely re-installing Rust. Nothing has been changed on my end, no updates or anything. I checked around the forums before posting this to see if anybody else has had a similiar issue, and have found nothing so far.

If anybody knows something about this issue, I’d be glad to hear it if for no other reason than to learn something. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Seems like launching Rust directly out of the experimental subfolder in steamapps works. Experimental should still be able to launch out of the Steam Library, though, but it doesn’t matter. Changing to Shitpost…


Could you try to start the game now from Steam -> Try Experimental and see if the problem still persists? Thanks.