[Experimental] needs animals!

I am the biggest fan of Rust Experimental, I understand that the game is still in development, and this is not one of those posts complaining about stuff that doesn’t work… however

You have got to fix, (speed up / increase), animal respawning, currently there are none!

My tactic is always to hunt down and kill 3 animals first, before I start building anything else, (as there is little point in building a cabin or crafting metal fragments until you have a sleeping bag). Last night I played for 3 hours, and spend the whole time looking for an animal! After 3 hours of running around the map looking unsuccessfully for animals, I logged off and went to bed, having achieved nothing, and for the first time feeling really frustrated with the game!

Now that there are up to 90 players on at a time, you really need to increase the rate at which the animals respawn, because if players spend 3 hours and can’t find 1 animal they are going to get fed up and stop playing…

Just my 2 cents, don’t take it negatively, I LOVE Rust, and I LOVE the new EXPERIMENTAL version even more! Keep up the great work… just more animals!

Animals are bound to only spawn in forest areas, so search for the forests!

Not anymore. Garry stated on his previous devblog that now animals spawns everywhere for testing purposes.

Can’t remember but either petur or Ander changed that since and set spawning back to spawn only in forest. Not on PC or would provide twitter link.


Thanks Kulan and Gachl, I saw the more widely publicized post about animals spawning everywhere, but not the later retraction, so I was unaware that they were spawning only in forests again. Either way, the respawn rate needs to be increased, because my searches yesterday included forests as well as desert, snow, mountains, everywhere, and there were no animals to be found.

When you run out of animals its time to hunt humans for what you need

if only we could get cloth from humans;)

i know its pedantic, but i still think it should be called “hide” if its harvested from animals…

I REALLY hope they change this. It makes no sense to have animals only spawn in forest, what type of biodiversity are they pretending to met with that crap? Bears, Wolves can be found in pretty much any terrain (yes, in some places around the world even in deserts…albiet usually the fringe areas) Pretty much the same for deer (Wide open grasslands, yeah, usually have deer). That was/is my biggest gripe with Rust, that all the resources except wood seem to spawn in these very few, retardidly dense areas, while 99% of the rest of the map is worthless.

I’m in agreeance(is that a word) with everyone here who has a problem. Animals really, REALLY need to be more plentiful. However I not quite as upset about it, because I know in less than a week it will probably be changes. Also, in my opinion forests need to be bigger so the plan they seem to be set on is in my eyes the best choice.

Actually, what would really open the game up and solve the food issue right now would be fish. There’s water all over the place, and there are fishing rods in the concept page of their trello. If they allowed water bodies to provide a good source of food and water(note: no cloth, no fat, no bones) even just a shitty placeholder, players could survive much more easily without screwing with the current animal state.

I think when we get more types of animals they will be able to scatter them through the map. I hope they add a huge variation of fauna and flora on rust. Would make the atmosphere much more survival especially with a good soundtrack.

I have no problem with animals spawning only in the woods, (in fact I prefer it, because at least we have a clue where to look then), and my problem isn’t with the “realness”, it’s the simple fact that:

WITHOUT Animals you cannot build a Sleeping Bag or Furnace, therefore you CANNOT progress through the game. Without a Sleeping Bag or Furnace, it is just a cabin building simulator…

The problem still exists. I played again this lunchtime, sprinted around the map for 40 mins and didn’t find a single animal … again.

Surely it is a really “quick fix” just to increase the variable that controls respawn rate, or decrease the variable that controls the length of the delay before respawning occures? It would make the game so much more interesting for us early access players to be able to craft sleeping bags and furnaces…

…to play Legacy instead, because experimental is experimental and not “playable”. It’s only testable! This discussion feels as if experimental was ready and the way the animal spawns are now it would never ever change. Chillax, they’ll add a proper npc spawning system later on, where it’ll put animals in the corresponding biomes.

All of you miss the point that if you kill another player you LOOT his body and get your cloth etc. people are findin animals so if you have not found them kill people and survive! It is a survival game after all


Your quick fix is not as important as actually making the game. How are they going to finish Rust if players like you interfere and demand they abandon the test and instead make changes that make you happy in the short term but don’t actually give them any useful information to progress in development?

If you’re playing Rust for fun right now, your expectations will need to be lowered due to the fact that you are playing on an active construction zone, not a finished playground. Remember to keep your hardhat on in case of falling crashes.

On a plus note

The animals aren’t there at all anymore, even in the forests. Something in the last patch made them extinct.

The animals do spawn properly in forests when the server first starts. But once an animal is killed it respawns at center of the map 0,*,0 ,

So head to the middle of the map there will be a shed load.

Link to bug. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1422890

Thanks again Kulan, (you are full of useful information on here)! Now all I’ve got to do is locate the center of the map.

elixwhitetail, you are right to a point, but there is a bunch of ppl already playing the new version, and the developers obviously want us to play it and feed back. For the last few weeks there were (enough) animals, and then they stopped spawning, and we can no longer test it for them, because we can no longer build furnaces to make metal, which is the basis for most weapons/tools. Sorry if you think I’m time-wasting, but everyone playing the new versions would agree with me right now…

Okay, so here’s the thing. This is what you said:

Your “quick fix” to crank up the respawn rate would’ve just made the problem worse, because the problem is that all of the animals are respawning at the center of the map. Dumbly changing the respawn rate instead of figuring out the actual problem would’ve just multiplied the number of animals clustered together and probably would’ve hurt server stability and performance and possibly crashed the server for reasons that are not immediately obvious if you don’t understand the actual problem.

And this is what I’m saying: You’re thinking like a player, not a developer, and your first priority is bandaging things so it’s fun for you as opposed to actually identifying and fixing the problem. Changing the respawn rate would not only not fix anything, it’d make the problem worse. All because you think it’d make you happy, when the real way to make you happy will be to fix animal spawning so they respawn where they’re supposed to.

Instead of saying “the animals aren’t respawning, why?” you came in here with “the animals aren’t respawning, crank up the respawn rate so I can play my game”.

Everybody wants to see Rust finished, but there is a right way and a wrong way to report and discuss problems. The correct solution is rarely to just bandage the problem until the game is fun again.