[Experimental] No servers?

Anyone else not seeing any servers at the moment on Experimental branch, “official” or “community”?

It’s been like that for over an hour for me… is it just me, or is everyone else locked out too?

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Ah, it looks like crawfishdaddy answered my question in the other thread:

Mine started up, but it took longer than usual, but after it was started, it still didn’t show up in the server browser.

All the “official” servers [exp] have been down for me, for over 15 hours … is this the same for everyone else?

The reason why you can’t see the official servers is because the way they do updates with this game. If you go into the beta section, and opt out, you will get an update that essentially rolls you back one, allowing you to see the official servers. When you opt back in, you get updated further ahead of that of the official servers. This doesn’t always happen, I only caught onto it today after doing some reading and ended up just trying things out. I couldn’t see the official servers for a few days after they implemented having the animals avoid you, among other things. The day that happened I couldn’t see official servers but some of my steam friends could, which made no sense. In any case I can confirm the fact, that you can opt out, and let the game do its update, even though it basically rolls back; then you’ll be able to see the official servers again. However I’m still having issues with it wanting to crash on #Receiving Snapshots, and having the UI become inoperable after playing for about 10-15 minutes. So unless you guys want to deal with that frustration, it may be best for us to wait another few days before messing around with Experimental again. Also, pretty sure there’s basically two versions of Experimental based on all this. The one that gets constant updates being opted in beta, which at times seems to put us ahead of the official servers, and the other that stays alongside everyone else… Hopefully this gets figured out eventually in the near future.

Thanks chrisraybell, that makes complete sense. I had switched to the Beta Branch about 2 weeks ago, when the non-Beta Branch couldn’t lay foundations. Think I will just play on the Community servers for a few days, until the Official servers gets back in sync with the Beta branch. Cheers for the info…

I wonder if they need a person on 24 hour call out if the servers need fixing/updating… Done it before, so I’ll volunteer first for the job :slight_smile: