Experimental (normal) Rust auto-selects integrated graphics card over manual set nVidia one!

So ever since the experimental branch was released I was not able to play it due to the game auto-selecting the integrated graphics card over the dedicated one. However the legacy(old) version is able to use the dedicated graphics card and won’t act on it’s own will.

As you can see, RustClient.exe in the nVidia control panel is manually set to use the dedicated gpu, but the .exe itself overrides it and sets the integrated graphics card as the default.

Even if I launch RustClient.exe by manually pressing to use the dedicated gpu, it still persists to ignore the command! As you can see the gpu activity is nil while the cpu is almost maxing-out.

Launching Rust Experimental from Steam triggers Rust.exe and not RustClient.exe, and control is then passed over to RustClient.exe after EAC is initialized. Set profiles for both and see if that changes the situation.

Also, your images don’t work. Use imgur.com next time.

There, now you should be able to see the images.

Also no matter how and from where you launch Rust, only RustClient.exe is left during the game. You can see that for yourself by launching Rust directly via Rust.exe and only when searching for the active process of the game, task manger will send you to RustClient.exe process.

Oh even though it didn’t help before I’ve already set Rust.exe to use the dedicated gpu. Rust didn’t override the manual configuration, but it also didn’t help.