experimental question....

i know its not even near a playable state but have the devs talked or suggested that there might be terrain modification by players… ie. theres a river and a player decides to build a bunch of dams ,will the water keep flowing in the same path or will he essensially create a giant reservoir… or can he even build the foundations in the river. i would love to c shit like that be possible but i dont know if they even though of that plz enlighten me… and sorry if i didnt find a thread that talks about that exact subject

Interesting question. I haven’t seen the devs talking about it anywhere. It would be very cool, indeed.

sievers usually ur reallly informed… if ur around could u clarify for me plz :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless the new terrain generation sets up the terrain mesh in a completely different way, I don’t think it’s possible or intended for players can directly modify the map terrain itself to block dams or carve out aqueducts or anything.

So far, water doesn’t have a physics engine behind it, and I don’t think it’s intended to have any detailed flow physics. Rust isn’t Minecraft, even though it does have building.

I could be wrong in the future, but I haven’t seen the devs say anything specifically about this.

I’m flattered that you think I know so much but I don’t know anything better than anyone else. Elix is right, there’s no water-flow physics, the terrain mesh isn’t editable. These things would need to happen before something like your example with the reservoir would work.

If course, that’s not to say that it won’t or couldn’t happen. I haven’t seen anything that would lead me to believe that it will but anything is possible.

The devs were/are contemplating voxel- terrain generation but with the procedurally- generated maps going as well as they are I don’t see them going back to change it all up again. I think we’ll be using mostly static maps and just building on top of them…

In all honesty I think advanced water flow physics would be really cool but it would be a tool of massive griefing and destruction.

it would be their fault if they built in the valley lol :stuck_out_tongue: and genius strategy but im saddened that we probably wont have it