[Experimental] Radtowns and lootspawns

Any news on these yet? How will it work on a randomly generated map?

The wolf monument spawns are the answer: They’ve already got a landmark spawn system being developed. These can be radtowns, abandoned buildings, ponds, traps, natural hazards, whatever the devs decide to throw in. Procedural placement just like everything else about the map.

As for loot spawns, right now the only loot spawns are at the wolf monuments, but I imagine that’ll change in the future. The monuments are just a test.

Are there any tips on how to navigate to the wolf monument?

I found it once, totally by chance, but then got killed and have never seen it again. Does it spawn in the same location each time, or randomly about the map?

random locations. i believe there is more than one sometimes, so just walk around aimlessly and you’ll find it eventually.

What? There is loot spawning at the Wolf monuments? You mean the airdrops? I never stumbled upon it, seen them empty only. Saw the airdrops on some pics tho, but thought that was just random.

I mean, as of now, the wolf monuments spawn with a loot box, and last I saw in the changelog it was holding items added to experimental but not accessible in any other way. However, the monuments’ loot gets grabbed fast since it’s a big fixed landmark. I don’t think the loot respawns right now, but it’s also a test, not a stable radtown.

i found a skull once in an airdrop at the wolf monument