[experimental] Server don't save

Hi, everybody. I ask for help at you.
I have the server a rust exp.
But at me people and their stock don’t remain.
Peeps that they died.

Start bat:

RustDedicated.exe -batchmode -cfg +cfg +server.hostname "SuperServer KrimNash AntiHax" +server.identity "Ochet" +server.writecfg +server.saveinterval "360" +airdrop.min_players "5" +server.maxplayers "10" +crafting.timescale "0.6" +voice.distance "100000000000000000" +server.seed 353519

Plz help me.

I have the same problem on my server… Does anyone know how to solve this? It looks like the ServerUsers are not being saved. :confused:


-load won’t do the trick for me. When I restart my server everyone is dead when they get back in the world.

That’s a bug other people have been reporting, so it’s a problem with experimental.

Also, why is this here?

-cfg +cfg

THX evry!

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