Experimental server IP

Hello! Could anyone please give me the experimental server IP because I can’t see it in the server list (for whatever reason…?)

I’m thinking it’s a interface glitch or something like that and I thought I could try to manually connect to the server.

It may not be up right now.

I’m pretty sure it’s up right now though.
This is what I’m seeing: http://i.imgur.com/4g9jU6b.png
And this is my History Tab: http://i.imgur.com/Wb0hYjc.png

So I’m guessing the server is on and my server list is just bugged.

When I click on the ‘Untitled Server’, it connects to the IP “1234” (client.connect: 1234)

You’re connecting to a null IP, port 1234, and the servers have a ping of 1234. The server list is completely not working (for whatever reason) there, so you shouldn’t trust anything it says.

Just because it shows up in the history doesn’t mean it’s really online.

when I’m trying to enter the experimental rust appears this error …
please help me solve ‘-’

quando eu vou tentar entrar no experimental rust aparece esse erro…
por favor me ajudem a resolver ‘–’



How do you fix this issue? I also have it.

Download and install client manually.

Bottom of page: http://www.easyanticheat.net/