Experimental Server Logs


I’m an administrator on a fairly popular Finnish Rust server. I rarely even play the game, but I’m responsible for the servers up keeping. I run the server for a Finnish gaming community I’m part of. The players on my server are very concerned about admin abuse and for now the solution has been that admins or moderators can’t actively play the game as a regular players.

I have noticed some shortcoming regarding the logs that servers make. My plan is to make the server logs public to ensure the playerbase that there is no admin abuse on my server. I have noticed that using admin tools (other than giving items) do not leave a trace to the logging. Is there a way to enable logging on using godmode(not implemented), player spectating, flying, out of body experience, etc…

… or is there a way to restrict certain features and commands to not be usable on certain permission levels (moderator and administrator)?

With best regards