Experimental server map seed constantly changes...

I’ve rented a server and noticed the mapseed seems to change every couple of times the server is restarted.
Is this by design? Is there a way to stop this? Is this the server company’s fault?
I’m tired of seeing what little progress we make completely every couple of days because of this.
This may be an alpha game, but I cannot believe that this is supposed to happen.
I know the command line set by the server company shows the loaded mapseed is 0, which I assume to be the default server.
In the past I have set a server number only to have that not match the save after and update.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated…

A map seed of 0 means “give me a random seed every time”.

Set it to a positive number other than 0 if you want a constant seed. It’s doing precisely what it’s supposed to do, you just assumed you knew what 0 meant.

correct, a Seed of 0 means random every time. and don’t forget to make sure you have the -load command in there too. that way after you set a Seed number it will load the saved game in future server restarts :slight_smile:

Thank you, both of you, for your responses. They were very helpful and I now know to have the server company amend the command line.
Is there any way for me to find the previous mapseed?

just a quick location to look. it has the save locations of the maps. just look for the newest one.
and it will have a seed number on the save folder.

general location is in the steamcmd folder.

example C:\steamcmd\server\myservername\save\Procedural Map_123456\

actual drive location may vary depending on where its at. and the save folder may or may not be there either depending on if its being saved elsewhere. but a start :slight_smile:

I ended up starting my own server and find it much more stress free than renting one.
I had considered what you suggested before but I deleted the one save folder and it started saving them in the old map folder since it was on random. Heh I shot myself in the foot early on.
Thank you for the information. Now that I have complete access to everything, I’ve not had any issues.