experimental server?

Are there any experimental servers up, and if so what is the IP?

You do realise it’s unplayable right? An empty map with nothing much, except unfinished systems.

nope thanks for the info.

you still can do box bridges

I quit playing the “stable” branch some time ago because of cheaters, laggy servers, server wipes and a few other reasons, but I’ve got to say I already had quite some fun on the experimental server. Of course right now the possibilities are very limited, but with a bit of creativity there’s still stuff to try out and have fun with.

Also, the changes to the graphics are nice to look at. Water is way better than before, sunsets are very scenic, clouds move at a reasonable speed, ground textures are better, and so on, and so forth. Can’t wait for the Facepunch team to port more stuff over to the experimental branch.

Lol enjoy watching the water and the clouds, I’d rather play the game

Fair enough, but I’ve seen pretty much everything that’s possible in the stable branch, especially regarding hacks, exploits, and so on. Quite boring after a while. The focus seems to be on the experimental branch now, it’s being updated on a regular base, sometimes even several times a day. To me it’s exciting to witness all the constant changes and additions and instantly be able to test them as they are made available.