[Experimental] So which weapon is best?

At this point it’s just subjective, (unless someone has teamed up with someone else to test which weapons actually inflict what HP damage), but I was just wondered which weapons you are digging?

The bone knife is really nice for gathering resources. The Hatchet or Pick Axe seem to fair well in a fight. I used to always craft a Bolt Action and shitload of bullets, but my experience is that they aren’t very effective at close range. From a distance, it’s pretty much one shot kills with the Bolt Action, but up close, more often than not I have found myself getting killed by a nekkid with a stone hatchet before I can squeeze off 3 shots…

Haven’t crafted the Thompson yet, due to the lack of character animation for it. What does it shoot like? Has anyone tried the various other pistols and shotguns, and how do they compare to the Bolt Action? Which is your favourite?

… so no one wants to discuss weapons, and yet a post about the penises will attract 100s of replies? lol

Eoka pistol and a bolt action. Job done.

for me the pipe and a stone hatchet:)