Experimental Soldier Shots

READ FIRST! :bick:
I wanted these pictures to be published as a comic but I really got bored in the production so I am publishing these early shots. I might complete this comic in a week or two but until then… Also!! The pictures are NOT supposed to be realistic, each one is edited differently in order to give the emotion I want.
So anyway here it goes:



As the soldier continues talking to the rebel he moves to the windowed side of the room forgetting his gun at the table.




**With the soldier looking to the other direction the “rebel” gets the soldier’s gun and shoots the MetroCop. **




The shot is filling the image with a yellowish color which when that leaves so do all the other colors. And don’t forget it is not meant to be realistic.

I used all these default models such the room and the pistol and that crap low res bottle because I was inspired with that comic idea at the middle of the making of his comic and I suffered so much from boredom that I actually did not care if I were to keep them or loose them.

The editing is far too blurry and dark.

I like it.

Thanks for the comment but as I said it is not meant to be realistic. Maybe I did not really explain what I meant. What I meant to say was that since it is not realistic colors represent emotions. Bright and Dark ones too. The gunshot is a good example as you can notice some of them do not even have blur. But most of them do as an ignorance to where the blur is applied to be. Like for example the trees in the photo with the soldier by the windows are not blurred because in another shot I did not publish he was looking them and actually commenting on them. But when the rebel fires the gun blur is back on because what the trees represented is forgotten and doesn’t anymore matter because the MetroCop has been murdered.

Bloom rape much?

I like it. Posing is good and I understand what you were throwing for with the colors and looks represent emotions.

any further comments before this thread dies for good?

Posing is good.

Needs more blur and bloom.