[Experimental] Some bugs I came across

Hi, first of all I love what you are doing to rust right now. The Experimental Servers are great and I enjoy seeing it updated so frequently with more and more stuff to do and to explore. While playing and connecting I stumbled across some problems.


  • Sometimes when connection to the game via Steam it won’t start.
    • Sometimes the menu screen appears but there is no menu.
  • When connecting to a server sometimes you can’t click the wake up button. (In most cases when you connect to a server you haven’t played on yet)
  • When disconnecting from a server you can’t reconnect to any server unless you restart the game.

This is what I noticed before getting into the game. Ingame itself there are some things to that I would like to mention.


  • There are no resource nodes (or maybe a very low amount) in the snow and desert biome (wood nodes seem to spawn in woods though).
  • When running downhill the character seems to shake allot.
  • The amount of animals is to low. Sometimes I would run from forest to forest just to find nothing.

Thats all so far. If you notice some other things, feel free to post them here and I’ll add them to the list!

not a good idea this should be posted in the bug section,


Not in general chat,

Sorry that was a bit sharp some of those bugs have been added.