[Experimental] Suggestion: Building Aesthetics and Community Mod Support.

Hello there! This is my first post on Facepunch aside from an ad for a server I ran several months ago. I’m very pleased with Rusts progress as of late and the concept in general. A few recurring ideas have been marinating in my brain and I’d like to share them for your consideration and feedback. They cover a wide range of aspects so I’ve labeled and categorized them :slight_smile:

Building Aesthetics:
The evolution of the wall to be able to be placed at any angle on a foundation was brilliant! What we need now are angled corner pieces and the likes. Instead of squares coming out of squares, some triangles forming some pyramidal structures would be excellent for aesthetic reasons and could also allow for additional structure integrity. True slopes, true pyramids, and true angled corners…it enables more creativity! Hell why not some cylinders? I’m sure it’s been mentioned and sketched before but hidden doors, trap doors, and booby traps in general would be a great counter/balance for the C4 toting raid monsters. Brains and wit would be as necessary as massive amounts of resource for C4 crafting. Lastly, some sort of territory marking system would be helpful for factions making distinct bases or even for individual players. Signs are a simple solution. Don’t want to accidentally raid your buddy? If he had a sign up you’d know it was his base, maybe even with a codename/language so that passerbys can’t read it… or are mislead by it. Flags and the ability to paint or apply custom decals seem appealing as well.

Community Mod Support:
It would be fantastic if server operators had enough control over the game to create unique games within rust just by controlling a few simple aspects such as the weaponry, clothing/armor, and building options. You could have a Pre-Industrial style server by allowing user created content to replace the weaponry and buildings and players might have to hunt bears with swords/bows offering a nice challenge as compared to the military grade heavy assault weaponry we currently use on forest animals. I realize that giving server operators this much control over these aspects might seem to take away from Rusts identity as a game as opposed to a toolset, but I don’t think you should be afraid to give it a sand-boxy feel. Minecraft is a straight sandbox and it has no identity issues.

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading! Keep up the good work gentlemen.

Everything you listed in Building Aesthetics has already been said and most of it is being worked on.

I’d like to see a modded medieval server.

somewhat unrelated to the thread, but i do agree, medievel mods would be pretty nice.

That’s great news! Sorry I didn’t do my research first there are so many posts :stuck_out_tongue: