[Experimental] Suggestion: Building element: Sign

Currently, people are building wooden cabins in Rust Experimental, but most of them look quite similar, and in more densely populated areas it can be harder to tell them apart, as many of them look the same.

This gave me the idea for a new building element (blueprint), the Sign plan, which could look similar to a cut-down version of the Railing plan but be placed on other wall tiles. This could then be configurable, (via “e”), to customize with your text / message.

Please forgive my attempt at an “artist’s impression” of what this could look like:

People could then use these on the front of their cabins to either display their name, or a message / threat to other players, (“Keep Out”, “I have a PIPEGUN!”, etc).

Possible uses include:

What do you all think of this idea?

I’ve heard that before somewhere

Okay, I hadn’t seen that trello thread, (or I wouldn’t have spent an hour doing my “artist’s impression”, lol)… still I think I prefer the idea of signs that you affix to your cabin wall, rather than the freestanding ones in the trello thread. (Obviously Paul Bradley’s illustrations are WAY better than my crappy mock-up though, lol).

I gonna extend the idea with this:


Imagine you could build wooden bulletin boards where you can pin on notes you crafted from paper.
These notes can be bounty hunter notes or job and trade offers :smiley:

I like the idea of ​​putting a bulletin board
this idea has great potential and uses. example

List of traitors if they kill you in the back looks and writes the name of the traitor.
(does not have to be necessarily true) i dont like the karma’idea but if you like, this is a solution.
List of Trade and Gains (give 2500 metal fragment. for those who destroy the “XXX” home)
Press events
Warnings sectors

Thats what it mainly is going to be when you put something like this into Rust, i can all ready see a board full of penisis…

i think if the grafitti suggestion made a while back were to be implemented, any wall could become a sign(full of penises)… and if walls were freestanding again(or i suppose even if they weren’t), it might circumvent the need for actual signs.

Instantly remembered fairy tail right now.