Experimental Test Server

I propose a test server.
Purpose: run the latest Rust additions, even if they’re not exactly completed.
Sandbox mode.
All items craftable right off the bat so everything can be tested.
Nothing on the server can be taken seriously and there’s no point in cheating.
Welcome to wipe whenever necessary.

What say ye, developers and testers alike?

there should be just a seperate server to test things then once everything is perfect, release to the real servers.

Aside form being able to craft everything from the start, isn’t that exactly what we’ve all signed up for already? We’ve purchased a game in early development. Nothing is going to be perfect and we’ve already been warned they’ll wipe the servers whenever they deem it necessary.

We don’t seem to be getting it, honestly. Every one whines about wipes and hackers ruining the game for everyone, especially those just coming in. It shouldn’t be an uphill struggle to test the game, either.

When it hits beta, wtf ever.

Well that sucks. I actually wouldn’t really know since I just bought the game today and haven’t gotten it working yet but that was my impression of what the game was supposed to be atm.

Allow me to show you my thread:


that is what the current servers are for, it’s alpha lol…

Exactly what Escon said.

Do you not understand that you bought into an alpha test? The servers that are (usually) up are the unstable test servers. Why would there be pre-test test servers? It’s like you think Rust is almost finished.

Don’t be so presumptuous. I know much of the gameplay will change, likely to a point where it will barely resemble what’s current. It’s still very much a skeleton of a game.

It’s currently unbalanced, so why not have a ‘build mode’ where we don’t get raped while hitting rocks with rocks by people who simply abuse the game anyway. Not a whole lot of testing gets done in this instance.

A lot of people on here talk as if they know what testing is. We have sleeper test servers, why not a general fuck-around server to stress test shit?

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This is perhaps the least constructive and thoughtless post I’ve seen in quite awhile.

garry himself has basically said “why would I make test servers, these are the test servers”. If garry needed a creative-mode server for a valid testing reason, there’d be one deployed. He kinda has done this before.

I love the “it’s an alpha” parrot talk. To the OP, yeah these servers really are the test servers. But a major game changing concept or mechanic could very well be tested separately and I would agree with that. Hence the Sleeper servers where there are still non-sleeper servers. I like that approach.

We’ll get there.

If he’s done it before (and again with sleeper servers) then it’s possible he’d do it again. If my suggestion prompts possibility, fantastic, if not… no harm no foul.

There already is a test server. It’s called “Pat’s test server do not connect”. I’ve seen it online a number of times with around 3 players on there, undoubtedly devs.