(Experimental) Unnaturally illuminated water at night.

Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but at night in the experimental version, the water takes on an unnatural illumination that sticks out and really breaks immersion. At night the water should only reflect the moon and stars (or other light sources) and should essentially be pitch black. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this. Blue water at night is a no-no and should be changed.

and notice that you can put a camp fire and ignite it inside water.

i am not sure but sometimes the night seems darker than other nights perhaps it is meant to be this way.
not sure but a guess :slight_smile:

I’m gonna keep whinging for a little more. Here’s a Photoshop job of what it should really look like in my opinion.

i think they are still tweaking realistic night ambiance with functional lighting;) its vastly improved from a few weeks back when the horizon provided us with bright white light over night, and lit up the distance:)

yeah I agree, I just hope they keep taking it further