Experimental - where is the server?

Ok, so I ditched playing the current ‘legacy’ version of Rust last night. I’d seen and done everything I wanted to and the experience was getting old. So I threw/gave away all my loot and bases. Felt good :slight_smile:

My plan is now to just ‘dip into’ the Experimental branch from time to time and check on how the game is developing.

Trouble is… when I boot up the Experimental branch I’m not seeing any server to play on - I’m just seeing the usual list of Official and Community servers, which obviously relate to the old game engine.

I’m sure there used to be a server called ‘Development’, or something like that, for playing Experimental but I could be wrong.

Can anyone advise?

Cheers :slight_smile:

PS: I’m running a Mac

Same issue on PC. Can someone confirm if there’s an Experimental server up at all? I’m only seeing 3 “friends” servers from the non-experimental branch.

Odd, I just joined, for me it’s the only server in the “community” list, named “my untitled rust server”.

Odd, working now. Thanks much!

I can see “my untitled rust server” under the Community tab, but it’s just hanging when I try to connect to it (the fabled spinning beach ball of doom, as known to Mac users).

Is this a Mac compatibility issue?

I’ll be patient and try again in a little while, see if anything’s changed…

The experimental server may not always be online. That’s kind of normal for experiments.

Annoying, but normal.

Ok… I can now start the loading process but it hangs when it reaches ‘Loading HUD’… just sits there and doesn’t progress any further.

I’ll keep trying over the next couple of days, see if anything changes.

i still cant load the UI , im stuck at just the blank loading screen with the couple of tree’s in the background

What’s your OS… Mac, Windows or Linux?

Just thought it might be useful for the devs to know, if they ever stumble across threads such as this one.