[Experimental] will there be women?

Okay, so the question on everyone’s mind…

Will I ever stand in the doorway of my log cabin, gazing out over the fields, and be greeted by the sight of a pair of voluptuous breasts bouncing towards me? Or will there always just be a naked dude with a small penis? lol

Does anyone know if Garry ever plans to bring women to Rust?

I can tell you that there were already a million of people in this forum asking the exact same question even way before experimental. And all it did was spawning ridiculous discussions between people who don’t give a crap about digital dongs, people who are offended by any nudity and people whose sole fantasy was to jack off to a female rust model.
To be quite honest, at this point, this discussion would be useless. Adding other or more body models to Rust is something that should be discussed in 3 to 5 years from now, when Rust has actually come out of beta and made it to a full game.

edit: have a look

Clearly a bit of a touchy point for you… it was intended as a fun question, but also, I wasn’t asking for an endless discussion on censorship/nudity, or whether you’d like to “jack off to a female rust model”. I was simply asking whether Garry or the Dev team had ever commented on if there would be a female model at some point?

edit: You were right though, that I should have searched first. This was confirmed back in October last year by MrN of Facepunch Staff:

sorry I guess I added a bit more question to your question there, I didn’t even remember any official statement. Just recalled all the useless discussions going on :wink:

nothing personal neil, that conversation just kept blowing out every few days lol

do you have a source for the quote?


3/4 down.

Yes. Unzip Pants

Hahahahaha! Very funny…


I am an adult!