Expert Mappers' Opnion Needed

Well. Lets see.
There is a map from Halo:CE (Custom Edition), that i would like to put in Garrysmod.
only problem is, it’s in MAP format, not the BSP needed.
If there are any converters, any way to port that map, anything that will put this map in Garrysmod, please let me know!

By the way, the map is this:

It’s called “The Land of Hyrule V0.2”
It’s an EXACT replica of Hyrule field and it’s surronding area’s MINUS the temples and the Town. Everywhere else, you can go. Awesome right? :smiley:

I figure this map would make for some real fun RP’ing, building and posing. Maybe even just one of those maps where you just wanna walk around for hours and kill NPC’s.
Help would be appreciated.

Ask in the mapping section