"Expiration Date" Miss Pauling and mutant bread models

Anyone know where you can access the Mutant bread and Miss Pauling models from the new TF2 short?

Nowhere yet.

Ask testinglol

i hope that miss pauling model gets released, she’s so cute.

For now, we’ll have to make do the model that Rebbacus worked on.

I didn’t work on it

Mutant Bread is already in here because of the new weapons that got released, just extract the new content to your TF folder in SFM. As for Miss Pauling, Valve would have to release it (Funnyjoke) or the community would have to make an imitation. Option 2 seems most likely in this situation, but it will take a while especially since there doesn’t seem to be much signs that people have begun on this project.

It’s a matter of patience or doing it yourself, but I would love to see Miss Pauling released as well.

When people mention you only once, why do you always get your nose around?

He’s a modeler/SFM user and he does come around this section on occasion and he does TF2 animations. I imagine the likelihood of him running into a modeling thread related to TF2 is fairly high.

Thing is that so far on facepunch i haven’t seen a thread where he hasn’t shown up.