Explain who ees leetle man.


No editing. I don’t think there’s anything you can do with it really.

The heavies face looks really retarded he shoul laugh or something like that.
What is he staring at?

Well fingerposing is nice and posing itself too.

His mouth is like :open_mouth: because he’s saying “who” and he’s tapping on the glass, not pointing at anyone, it’s kinda hard to tell and I shoulda said though, haven’t posed anything in about a year so thanks for that. :slight_smile: Also he’s looking at the camera, which is a little person in the fish tank, like the map suggests.

ohhhhh! ive just got it, im in a fish tank and hes looking at me… i thought he just murderd someone and put them in a frezzer, a bit of a random thought but i was thinkin of ‘layer cake’.