Explainations about Facepunch's reality?


Click it to see it in full size.

I know that’s a comic, well fuck it, the guys from Comics are not concerned.
About that last speach bubble, I’m serious, so if a kind mod read this, CHANGE MAH SHITTY NAME PLEASE§§§

Merci pour votre attention,
A concerned facepuncher.

whine whine whine

well I guess it’s true

Nobody was complaining until that one picture.

pretty much nailed it on the head man

no, people are just noticing it now because of that picture.

A lot of the ‘other’ people noticed it a long time ago.:crossarms:

still, I think everyone was aware of it.


satansin the ninja

Well, I did notice it and it was frustrating to see a 8 hours editing work getting 2 comments.
But now that someone started complaining, I just feel like I should participate.

Didnt Ben Wolfe already point that out?


Hahaha, the frames with me in make me lol.

But seriously, the explanation is that the people who are consistently active and consistently make good pictures get the comments. I don’t see how that is unfair.

Its all about scoring friends to be honest, most popular threads have peoples friends posting in them because they need it to stay popular or noticed.

People like Chesty just do nice work, so people go to him expecting something nice each time.

To tell you the truth, I don’t even LOOK at screenshots no more, MOST (and I said most) of them are all the same, some random insurgency map with either a “Space Marine” or an obscure CoD model firing a gun somewhere off-screen while he is hunched over, and usually there is a Hind D somewhere floating in the background.

I made a screenie of Keith falling off a rollercoaster like he did in one of Ellis’ stories and posted it in the Edit my screenshot thread, but the only ones that get edited are the ones that I mentioned above, generic soldier shooting at generic offscreen target.

e-bitch slap
there is no such thing as generic
If people can make self portraits sense the start of time and it not ever be called generic fuck me if the soldier shooting off screen pictures can’t follow the same rule either

I don’t look at screenshots anymore becuase i know they’ll all be “man with gun shooting off screen” or " man looking serious holding gun in dramatic way" but every now and then a thread with an interesting title will pull my attention towards it.

Then i enter the thread and get dissapointed by more of the same old shit.

Why would someone edit a screenshot of Keith falling off a rollercoaster?

About the titles, when I was trying to figure out how to get more views, I tried multiple styles of titles, from descriptive to philosophic, nothing worked.

I saw that picture. The rollercoaster model was horrible and there wasn’t anything to edit in apart from lighting. Why would someone want to take their time to edit that?


There’s still some good stuff.

true dat.