Explicit content blocker

hello, i would like it if garrysmod.org would have an option to block excplicit content pictures, because i dont want to see a naked alex while searching for weapon replacers

Uh-oh, titties. Can’t have that!

OH shi. Tits is to much NFS.

If I could project a large facepalm on the surface of the moon for the entire world to see, that would express my feelings towards this suggestion.

grow up

Why not just have section for mature content, It can help you find mature content and the bitching like this would stop because they would not see the mature content.

The game is made up of several M games. Why should GMod have a content blocker?

So his mommy and daddy won’t see him looking at tits.

Should’ve read the rating.

Should’ve gotten another game.
Like Free Cell.

his parents will see ‘free’ and think he torrented it and he will be gwounded

Hell that would even make finding “adult” mods easier. Who can object?

Though I personally do not have any objection to such content, having the option to block the images, even if just on the front page, would certainly go a long way to make the site more “Work Friendly,” per say.

Why cant we just start removing all the nude alex and etc models? I mean seriously they serve no purpose but annoyance and to give little 10 yr\o’s something to fap to…

Atleast it shuts them up so we wont have to listen to them

I am completely with this idea. One time my little brother was looking for a cool car for gmod and found a heap of tits. I caught him immediatly and had to jump in front of the screen. He actually hadn’t seen it as he was looking at a car above but it was very close. Please put content blocker or mature section.

Adblock Plus.

Because then they will be requesting it rather than downloading it, which will be even more annoying.

But if they request it you can ban them, than they might get the picture.

Just make a forum section called “10 year old requests” and then never check it.