I have recently encountered a member of a rival community come on my server and use an exploit to get unlimited funds of money, this is on a PERP server which is quite popular - apparently we’ve stolen the rival’s community players. I have found the gene exploit and changes the console commands, I would like to find out if there are any other exploits available in PERP that can do harm to my server. I understand PERP is an unliked subject among facepunch for good reasons I’m sure.

please move to gamemode section.

Its leaked… Therefore it is from drama unlimited (most likely) so there’s your problem

Its leaked, thats why, dont expect anything to work “perfect” if its leaked


You posted this in the wrong section.

That may be so, but if you have a legitimate problem like this then you’d find anybody who knows may help you out.

There is actually 2 more exploits that I know: Molotov Exploit (lets you spam molotovs) and Lock Pick Exploit (The lock pick doesn’t break"