Exploding collars for all!

Just something I remembered from the film Battle Royale.

How about everyone starts with a collar, that when it gets within proximity of 2-3 other collars, emits a beeping sound that counts down until it detonates (10 Secs for example) instantly killing the wearers. Bonus points if they can have a decapitation animation too.

Not sure on the exact figures, how many in what radius to start the count down precess, how long to count for etc etc, hence the thread to see peoples thoughts on such a thing.

I can see the potential for a lot of fun.


I believe the deal was that you were paired up but you didn’t know who it was, and if you got too far away from your secret person, you’d both blow up. It was a confinement mechanism.

That’s not even how they worked in the movie.

I watched the movie recently. It was that if you were in a danger zone during a specific time your collar exploded, or if the people failed to kill each other within the time limit they all exploded.

I don’t really think anything like this has any sort of place in Rust, especially considering the amount of people crammed into their servers at the moment. I can only see this being a huge pain in the butt rather than actually contributing anything to game play, nor does it fit in with their current theme of post-apocalyptic wasteland free-for-all.

Sorry, I was thinking of Wedlock with Rutger Hauer.

Sounds like the concept was better in Wedlock than the one you are talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have referenced the film at all, I didn’t mean having an exact replica of them and their mechanics. I could have said The Running Man but Battle Royale just popped in there first.

So, just the collars, working as I described, proximity of other collars being the trigger.

I don’t know, I just thought it would be fun to run at various groups causing havoc, forcing people to move rather than be static in a fight, suicide bombers, accidents among friends etc.

Worst idea ever. I can only see this as a fail troll attempt.

So my post on my ideas to fix the hacker issue got locked, but stupid shit like this isn’t? Mine was at least constructive…

You must have been really high when you thought of this cause thats just fucking out there and not even closely related to this kind of game. I kind of feel like you meant to go to some other game forums all together and somehow accidentally found your self here and figured you would just post your idea here anyways.

What is the gameplay benefit of this? Like, literally, what positive aspect does this add to the game?

You are suggesting that you should randomly explode in Rust if you get too close to specific people and you’re not able to know who they are until you’re about to explode, Creeper-style.


I signed up specifically to thank the OP for such a hilarious thread.

Honestly mate, exploding collars have absolutely no place in a post-apocalyptic world.


I like the collars, but you gotta find a good use for em. I dunno… maybe make a area like a rad zone loot area except for instead of any radiation it has towers in the corners and as soon as you enter the area you have a 30 sec countdown to grab some loot and GTFO before you pop your top. That or maybe a high resource area…

How about the collars detonate if your voice is too high-pitched when you try and use VOIP?

well the collar thing is an intresting idea…only you can put them on people and keep them as slaves and if they leave your area you set it pops

it would only cause issues

I for one would start sprinting towards groups of people exclusively to kill every single one of them and be a dick

and that’s kind of exactly why this is stupid

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I have a better idea

instead of banning hackers, we’ll do this

they can’t play the game, and it ONLY effects them. They die regardless of if it was caused by them and the explosion only effects them and other players marked as “Cheaters”. They can’t use any guns, only walk around and be useless.

marked hackers can still play, they just can’t do anything and loose all their gear if even another person goes near them, making the game horribly unplayable.

Honestly, this should be the new form of banning, yeah.
Your avatar is marked as “punished”. When you log in, you are informed of the exploding collar that is now around your neck. If you approach any other human being, you explode. Not a big explosion (doesn’t deal radius damage), just a small bang that basically destroys your neck.
And just to be evil, zombies also count as “humans”.

The collar should be clearly visible too, so everyone knows they did something wrong and are being punished. Lotta people would charge at the hacker… >:)

Could we implement this IRL for ddossers?

This has to be the most pointless Troll of a Thread!!! like for real its the stupidest idea I’ve ever herd for any-game!
this thread just needs to be removed!

sorry bro!

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to make it even better, theres an option so that within 100 meter range of a hacker makes them marked on the hud as a big red arrow saying “KILL THIS ASSHOLE”

people who don’t hacks but are true dicks will be marked for a small amount of time as whatever they set it as