Exploding Shotgun

Bored? Out of ways to lag and kill yourself? This new SWEP throws realism out of a 42-story window, bringing you several unique and vastly


different firemodes guaranteed to cause extreme destruction and client angst.

Simply left-click to fire specialized shot pellets that can do any number of things. Types of shot are as follows:

Exploding Shot: Classic exploding shot that explodes on contact. High damage + AoE damage (high), high force.

Shreddershot: Anti-infantry shot that sprays shrapnel on contact. High damage + shrapnel damage, low force.

Shattershot: Shot that unfreezes and removes the constraints of any entity it hits. Great for ruining people’s contraptions. Low damage, high force.

Heavy Pulse Shot: Shoots pulse shot, much like the AR2. Moderate damage + AoE damage (low), low force.

Combine Ball Shot: Shoots combine’s balls. High damage + bouncy action, high force.

Incendiary Shot: Shoots rounds that light stuff on fire. Moderate damage + AoE damage (low) + ignition, low force.

Aurora Shot (EP2 only!): Shoots rounds that make pretty blue shockwaves. No damage + AoE damage (high), no force.

Imploding Shot: The opposite of exploding shot! These create miniature black holes that suck in objects (including players). No damage + AoE damage (high), no force.

Flechette Shot (EP2 only!): Shoots Hunter flechettes. Since they aren’t very powerful, it fires 36 every shot. It’s the only way to be sure. Low damage + AoE damage (low), no force.


Shot types can be cycled through with secondary fire, for now until I develop a better system.



  • Due to the hacky method I used to make Shreddershot, it doesn’t work right. The shrapnel rarely seems to kill anything, and when it does, the owner isn’t credited with the kill. Sometimes, the shrapnel doesn’t even spawn. I’m probably going to redo this mode altogether. Stay tuned.
  • Imploding shot likes to fling players around, and sometimes props. Though some would say that adds to the fun.
  • Aurora Shot doesn’t align properly with walls and displacements. I haven’t found a way to fix this yet.
  • Modes aren’t balanced. Some modes are more of an experiment with the callback function of bullets. Most players will stick to a select few modes and ignore the weaker ones.
  • Some modes set things on fire when they shouldn’t. This is due to util.BlastDamage.
  • Not multiplayer tested! Please report any bugs experienced in multiplayer!

Recommended Content:
Half-Life 2: Episode 2
Counter-Strike: Source
Dismemberment Mod v1.9 (or some other form of gore mod)

Installation Instructions:

  1. Open the .zip file.
  2. Drag and drop the “Exploding Shotgun” folder into your “addons” folder.
    Your “addons” folder should be located in:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\<username>\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons

  1. Restart Garry’s Mod if it is currently running.
  2. Enjoy!

Download Link:


I’m also taking shot type suggestions! Here’s a list of them so far:
Suicide Bomber Firemode: Virgins not included

Rejected shot types - don’t suggest these to me, please:
Bolt Shot: Shoots crossbow bolts. The crossbow_bolt entity is broken beyond my ability to fix. If anyone has an idea regarding this, please let me know. Otherwise, I might just try and duplicate the entity with a SENT.
Harpoon Shot: Shoots harpoons. Glitchy and weird. In testing, created multiple ragdolls per NPC killed, and didn’t always shoot properly. Might work with just 1 harpoon per shot, but that’s no fun.
Laser Shot: Shoots lasers. I’m already planning to do this.
Vampire Shot: Steals health of whatever it hits. I’m going to do this.
Healing Shot: Heals whatever it hits. Probably going to do this.
Railgun Shot/Wall-Penetrating Shot: Penetrates walls, props, and NPCs. Definitely gonna try this.
Ultra-Gory Exploding AK-47-Shooting Baby Shot: Get out.

I was hoping it was a shotgun that blew up in your hands, but this is cool, too.

To-do: Suicide bomber firemode

Seems like most of the stuff here is easy to do in the long run. But never the less it might be fun.

This is so fucking awesome!!!

Seems very simple to make.

Had some fun with the Imploding shot. If you use it correctly then you can fling yourself very far and very fast…

Yeah… really coool

“Aurora Shot doesn’t align properly with walls and displacements. I haven’t found a way to fix this yet.”

The ParticleEffect takes an Angle argument. Just pass the angle of the HitNormal of a trace to the surface, and it should work.

Not all particle’s can be rotated, they need localised movement vectors defined inside the PCF itself.

Thanks, but I already tried that. Nothing.

Because of this :stuck_out_tongue:

Right. So is there a way to modify the PCF, or is it unfixable?

Simple… but. FUN! =D

That’s what I was going for. A code that’s easy to add to, easy to learn from, and easy to use. Though, compared to some of the other popular SWEPs/SWEP packs here, it’s not all that simple.

woahh… its the first time some1 cool posted something that has 2 do with my post… =DDD BTW yeah. So KEEP IT UP! cuz is PWNIN

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