(EXPLOIT!) Bugged "underground" bases

Firstly, I’m relatively new to Rust. I’ve only been playing it for a few weeks.
Secondly, I’m a huge fan of this game. It’s full of great ideas and the combat is amazing overall.

Now, here’s what’s making me give up.

Inside-rock/underground/inside-prefab bases. Careful steps allow nefarious individuals to get pushed through walls or inside rocks. While inside said walls or rocks, they are free to build an invissible base which is completely inaccessible by normal means.
And that’s not even the end of it.
They can shoot out from inside their rocks, without exposing themselves to return fire (yes, they literally shoot through walls).

I am shooting myself in the foot here, I know, but this is going to have to get worse before it gets better. The ONLY counterplay to this gamebreaking exploit is to wall them in.

Here’s an example of a bugged base:
This is Sherbal’s home on Facepunch Nottingham. He doesn’t live there alone, but so far he is the only one who has been reckless enough to kill me from the inside of that intra-prefab compound.

I THINK they’re doing something similar to this

I’m a player on the Facepunch Nottingham and i approve of this message!
He lives just outside my base and i cannot leave my home without pretty much dying.
He is shooting from under a rock and it’s so frustrating!

devs will find a way to stop it! instant kill or death beyond the boundary or jut a preventive block masking the rocks , so noone can bypass the tiles! :slight_smile:

But what about now? Can one of the devs enter the server and help us out? It’s an official server, there’s no admin to run to! Please help us!

takes time to make changes,Just use the F7 key to make a report to Facepunch, iam sure the Devs and Monitors on this forum read stuff!! … ty

After about 10 deaths to shots from the inside of the rock, i manage to finally get the timing right for a screenshot :slight_smile:

You probably don’t need evidence as such, to know that there’s something wrong here, but i just wanted to show you, how it works.


is it on a Facepunch official dev branch servers or community server?

and get the player name game name or other means! and go here to get the steam id here: https://steamid.io/

It is on the official Facepunch Nottingham server.

Sharbel ID; STEAM_0:0:82020356
I think he’s the main architect, but there are more people involved.
The other guys are called something like (ArabicSign)_Clarence
And then theres a guy called [FOX]SneakyPeaky something. But i cannot find their ID’s.

good good job man!:goodjob:

We’re considering using High External Stone walls to trap him in

:ohno: what ever is possible in a legit way ahaha

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i dont think its him he dont own rust … but very creepy tho, it might be the other names!?

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I can confirm those two are exploiting, they both killed me from under the terrain.

iam sure he will soon be watched … i mean on Nottingham dev server

Is there no way to get in touch with admins on official servers? It would be so easy to just go in there, see it for themselves, and get rid of them!

patience my rust Padawan player! ahah

Here’s one of them. I don’t know how to look people up.

I’ll try to make a complete list of everyone living in this bugged base, but there must be some way of detecting who passes through objects like this.

What he is writing is true

“Sharbel” is also in there.

thats all i can do to help, just have to wait on FPS , which they will investigation it!

Thanks so much for what you’ve done so far Panzerguard!