Exploit Fix Banned From Workshop

This is what got banned: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1387833

The boilerplate message it gives me is:

I am legitimately clueless as to why it got banned. I know some items get banned for an absurd amount off errors being created, but this isn’t the case. I checked http://errors.garrysmod.com/addon/274993058/?minutes=43200

The only “error” created was caused by another addon giving a nil instead of passing in a number. A similar error is created by the game if you provide a nil instead of a number to set pos anyways.

Anyone have an experience with this or incite into what got it banned from the workshop?

It was from a series of false bans on the workshop. PM Robotboy.

I sent a pm, I guess I just wait for a response.

Thanks for your help.