[EXPLOIT] Fly with Building Plans!

You’ll never need a ladder again (until they patch it asap!)

Basically, you can use the collosion box of a door to continuously run and jump along it.
It’s more than simple to do and the anticheat doesn’t pick it up.

Here is a video showing and explaining it.

Please get the developers onto this flying exploit before Friday.
Thank you.

  • .Sock

The anti cheat DOES pick it up. My buddy was banned automatically when he showed the server admin.

There are a couple threads about this.

We did this but didn’t show admin and no one got banned.

Don’t know then.

They were on the beach and the admin was watching to see how it worked. He kept jumping, then got banned by the server for flyhack.

Don’t know if he went too high or if spamming the space bar caused it, but the anti cheat was triggered.

It will have been an anticheat plugin rather than EAC then.

Fixed https://twitter.com/RustUpdates/status/628766974483546113

Damn it :smiley: