(EXPLOIT) Glitch into rocks. How could I contact a dev privately?

I’m on “Facepunch Toronto - Development” and can show a dev how you do it, so they can fix it. If I show the bug publicly people will all make bases inside rocks, which won’t be removed when this is patched, making this even more unfair as there would be no way to get them out of the rocks until the next map wipe.

Glitching into rocks is not new, so I doubt you revealing anything will result in a tidal wave of glitched rock bases.

Check SGT Solj’s channel and see if its a known method.


You could report this via F7 ingame. F7 opened the report tool.

Easy methods of reporting cheaters, hacks, or Glitching

1.Get Names of player(s)

  1. Server Name of Official FP Dev Server

  2. Use this Website To Get Steam Id :https://steamid.io/

  3. Use the in game Rust report Tool F7 Key: Give them all the information as above!

Its not the cheaters I want to report, it’s how to do the glitch so it can be fixed.

in all honesty, you are probably better posting it here.

garry has a gmail account that has been posted in a few official places, and he frequents here; that said, it’s not like he has the time to personally have a little chat with you about one particular exploit method, and neither do the other devs. whereas posting the information here lets them see it when they are able to. also the exposure will increase the priority of the fix, especially if this is a new method rather than one that is already known.

up to you though. the f7 report is probably more private, and about as effective.

I just thought that there was some way to send a support ticket or bug report directly to the team where you could attach images or videos, not just the F7 tool.

aleks976, you can create a ticket at http://support.facepunchstudios.com/new-ticket

Working together to bust hackers!

good on ya holmzy:)

i met one too… WZ111 on Facepunch London III !

This guy : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198191289075