[EXPLOIT] New crash exploit

At the moment, one of my servers is being targeted by an exploit that I haven’t seen before. It appears to be some sort of engine exploit, where a player is joining the server and the server crashes before they even spawn in, not related to tools or physics. Has anybody else witnessed any of these errors in the server console, or can anyone shed light on this issue?

Here’s what appears in the console when the player joins shortly before the crash:

Interestingly, before the player starting spoofing their IP, it linked to:

In some cases this error is also spammed in the console shortly before the crash but not always:

The user is spoofing their SteamID and IP address too, but usually appears under the names:

You can also see here that he connected with the same steamid as Garry, causing the players who were online at the time to unlock the Achievement for playing with Garry.

If anyone knows how to fix this the help would be greatly appreciated.
Update: He is also targeting other servers, and has an account here on Facepunch called “Aethi”, see this thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1482157


Probably Garry on your server trolling, nothing to be alarmed about.

You’re dumb if you’re trying to joke.
This problem is real, I had same problem yesterday on my server. Someone joined as garry (but real garry last played gmod on 5th august), everyone got an achievement and server just froze. What the hell.

I wouldn’t mind it happening to one of my servers once just to get that achievement, lol

seems like leystruku joined yesterday with weird name

i think he found some exploit that allows to do shit like this

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I’ve banned him and his friend Aethi just in case.

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And this collective dumbvoting seems cheesy

Thank you for finding the Steam ID. Everyone can now ban him

Well one of them at least.

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Alright. Leystrkyu seems like the friend of Aethi, because he’s been going around putting dumbvotes and funnyvotes.


Testing out his gmod client?

if his gmod client is able to crash servers without much hassle then i’m afraid there should be real attention to this problem instead of collective circlejerk.

More than testing. He or his friend have been hitting a couple different servers with it.

So Leystryku, Aethi and Reyjr43 seem to be involved.

He disagreed, yep.

Good logic, if I am voting in this thread then I am involved, I may be friends with Ley and Aethi but whatever happened earlier is something I was not part of.

Best action would be kicking them before they connect - on CheckPassword hook.

viewing a thread is the most incriminating thing on earth, how dare you!

Your steam account and all of your activity is just nifty mingeshit, like naming yourself “(RUS) killer” and pretending to be ukrainian or such. This behavior is similar to what scriptkiddies usually do. Skiddies should be banned, not embraced.

Are you an absolute retard or something? That’s an old account, my mother is Ukrainian, I haven’t played GMod in quite a long period of time if you actually are interested, you can find my account that I’m using now here.

Look at my hours and the last time I played GMod.

I’m not retarded, you’re suspicious.

i can already tell that this thread is gonna be one hell of a ride. strap in folks.

vinh’ll fix it 2015

You must be insane if you think that I have done anything to be suspicious besides have an old account linked to my Facepunch account. I am not involved in any of this, I haven’t joined any of your servers, you can go through the logs or whatever the hell you want to do.

I know I’m going to get “you’re defensive which means you’re part of it!” but I don’t want to get grouped with people who are considered as “attacking” a server when I didn’t do anything.