Exploit or intended?

So I’ve been getting complaints from A LOT of players about me holding the door on them so they can’t open it. Now, since I learned about this, I thought this was intended being able to hold down E on a door so that it stops other players from opening the door BUT ever since I’ve been doing it, all I get is complaints from people saying it’s an exploit and so on. I’ve looked a little bit and I can’t find much on the forums about this or I’m just not looking in the right places. If anyone can help me with this issue, that would be great. Thanks! (Sorry if this is not the place to post this)

So if you hold E on someone else’s door it stops them from opening it? Sounds like a bug to me.

Basically, its been there for awhile so I’m not sure if it was ever intended or a bug.

As it’s not labelled up it’s probably a bug rather than an intended feature but I quite like it as its basically akin to holding on to the handle to stop someone opening the door.

This probably needs moving to the exploits section, makes it easier for the devs to locate.

I thought the same thing. Made sense to me being able to hold the door and stopping other players from opening it, which is the reason I though it was intended.

You can do the same thing when people open doors. If one player is behind the side of the door when it opens they can hold E on it so they player inside can’t shut it, then the other player can go in or shoot the person inside.

And so I found a new way of trolling. Thanks OP :slight_smile:

Pretty much like opening up a crate/camp fire so no one else can loot it while you are looking. Makes sense the doors are the same way.

Containers behave that way because it would likely be a nightmare to try to coordinate clients who are actively manipulating the contents of the same container the way it is currently implemented.

This feels more like a bug than an intended feature. Much like the time delay when trying to switch from a bow to another weapon, we may never know for sure because it hasn’t been communicated one way or the other.

Huh… this probably is a bug of some kind but actually that could be an interesting mechanic.

It seems reasonable that someone could hold a door shut or open.

Well I am not sure if it was like this before shared door became available. I say this because being able to change a code or input a code will then stop others from changing or inputting.

I was just saying that I can see why they act similar, I wasn’t saying that was the reason this bug or exploit is acting the way it is.

I’m actually quite surprised that most of the people reading this don’t know about this. Thought most people would’ve known about it.

Just watch out for certain servers, you’ll most likely get banned when doing it cause they think you’re exploiting :dance:

Id say this feature should stay in the game :smiley:

Exactly. I think it is a bug, but its kind of realistic. I’m sure all of you once in your lives have held a door closed on someone.

It’s probably a bug, but I hope they don’t patch it. It’s pretty awesome :).
Off topic, what does IMO mean?(hasn’t been said on this thread but I’m curious as I see it everywhere)

“In my opinion”… Google could have told you that in seconds.

It is not so much a bug as much as it is an unintended consequence of a feature. The locking would be intended to avoid having to handle situations where multiple people are accessing an object at the same time. The technical term for a solution like this is “quick and dirty”.

Now that people are exploiting it, they will have to come up with a better solution.

The “Better Solution” is to let server admins determine if players should be allowed to do this or not… if they don’t like it then all one has to do is complain, an admin teleports to the guy, sees it being done and kicks the offender.

Better Solution.

Its a good feature