Exploit or Legit?

Saw a high external stone wall surrounding what was apparently a base on top of one of the new circular icebergs.

I swam around it once just for giggles and never found a spot where I could climb or even jump.

Considering these things are about 5-6 stories (in game) high, how’d that base get up there? Exploit or am I missing the trick?

You build ladders to go up icebergs

probably host/admin abuse :wink:

As Werkrat said,this is quite simple

No ladders at all and no TP on that server.

Maybe someone griefed them down?

Then yea, with no area to “latch” onto,with no ladders and you say there is no TP on that server. I’d have to probably go with Rudolph. Probably an admin base

Maybe admin blocked them so they cant be used?

they could in theory swim down, build twig stairs, climb up, then destroy their stairs. using med kits to alive.

dont assume everyone is a hacker.

and what do you mean by "no ladders " ? if its a modded server then anything is possible in theory, how could we know. what other mods was there ? who knows.

Thought you couldn’t use meds while swimming.

You will sink but you still can