Exploit: Teleport/spawn on players using spectate

Just thought i should give this some exposure so it hopefully gets fixed soon.

I don’t think spectate is going to be available in the game for long except as an admin tool… or would be impossible to hide your base as enemies can just spectate whilst you travel there, and watch you go to your loot room!!

Great for admins to catch hackers etc though.

That explains a lot lol

Spectator mode will most likely be an admin only feauture. So it doesn’t really matter.

This is totally being used all the time. Annoying. No fun.

It has to do with going to sleep while spectating a player, you don’t have to quit and rejoin the server. You can use the Sleep command to do it after spectating someone. I am surprised to find this has been known and posted here for almost a month and a half and nothing has been done to fix it. It recently got posted in the exploit section of the forums, so hopefully it received more attention from the Facepunch team there. They either need to remove spectate, or remove the ability for players to enter the sleep state while spectating a player (either by command or by disconnecting/reconnecting).

This exploit is becoming a lot more popular on the official servers and it is ruining my want to play and test the game. I don’t care if a player can spectate me and try to figure out where my base is, because the map is big enough they still have to search and find it. But being able to teleport to me and kill me is a game changer, and not for the better. It also does weird crap to the game, like letting me warp through a cave wall or fall through the floor with the spectator attached to me. Last time it happened I warped through a cave wall and dragged the guy into the water so he kept drowning every time he spawned on me. Unfortunately I also ended up dying from being wet at night making it even colder so I was losing life…

Welcome to alpha testing.

elix. Another part of alpha testing is reporting bugs / having feedback on the game. This isn’t an issue like “morality flags” that people have different opinions on, it’s an exploit that seriously ruins gameplay. It’s totally understandable that there are bugs and exploits. But it should also be understandable that some of these bugs and exploits should be prioritized if they are brought up. This isn’t about not liking a game mechanic. As far as player morality, the people using this may as well be hacking. And it should be treated as such.

Report the bugs, don’t tell the developers how high a priority it should be. That’s telling them how to do their jobs. Nothing about buying Rust entitled you to tell the devs what to do.

It’s an exploitable bug, but if you’re playing experimental as a real game, you’re the fool here.

I’m not expecting a finished game. I never said that. I’m simply trying to call attention to an exploit that seems to be ruining the game for a lot of people. I have no sense of power trip or trying to control the developers. I’m trying to take an active part in the alpha process, that’s all- but it seems like you’re the one getting defensive and name calling.

Typical alpha game bullshit


The developers want us to help prioritize their jobs… Hence why trello exists, and you are recommended to create an account and vote for which job should be carried out first.

all I ever see when people are raising legit problems with experimental, which should be addressed is you throwing the “it’s beta” comment back, not helpful…

Luckily, unlike some folks, Garry understands that to have player testers, the game needs to be playable with minimal frustration points. Based on the twitter feed, it sounds like he’s fixed this issue and a whole bunch of other annoying ones (like hazmat making you invincible). I cant test to see if the current update has these fixes in or not, maybe someone else can?

Telling the devs what features you want implemented is not the same as asking for immediate changes to disrupt a BUG that was being exploited:

Let’s fix experimental by disabling features the moment something that makes gameplay less fun happens as things are coded, guys, it’s what the devs NEED to do, right?

Yeah, it’s been reported, great. We did our part. Let garry decide if they NEED to tackle it and how, talking about how bug X needs to be their top priority (didn’t happen in this thread but it’s happened many times over the past year) is pointless because the devs are going to fix this sort of shit soon enough. It seems they may already have.

Yeah, that spectator ‘feature’ is such a huge and important feature to have in game right now, right, compared to the exploit of using it to teleport to people inside their bases, right?

Saying something needs to be a top priority is how a normal person says that something is very important to them. Normal folks don’t read that and think ‘how dare they demand the developers do something.’ Draw whatever conclusion you’d like from those two statements.

Ive only seen jerks using it on high pop servers. Play a different server until its fixed!

Exactly how I meant it. I apologize if you took it the wrong way Elixwhitetail.

Garry: Thank you very much for making this a high priority and fixing it for us! Now I can get back to properly testing this awesome game you are making!

I just wanna admire something if this comes in
Admins which play on the server could use it to abuse it.
You will know where youre enemy´s fellows houses are.